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I have developed app which holds data in .xml file in res/xml/myfilename.xml and binds all the data to expandable list view.

XML structure:


<name> </name>
(employee parameters)



Now I am trying to implement data editing/deleting feature and I have found out that it seems to be impossible (using structure like this): you can not edit resources nor assets folder content on runtime. Is this true?

Is it possible to solve this problem by using structure like I use (XML for data holding)? Or should I use some other method? contentprovider? (Im new in android development and haven't got to the part where content provider is disgussed)

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Correct you can not modify the data inside of your application. Your .apk is immutable. You need to store this data in your persistent storage (in a database or a raw file) available through Context.

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My two cents: I experienced the same kind of issue some times ago (+ I have to share the underlying data between several applications). I finally used a ContentProvider with à SQLite database and manage xml to SQLite back and forth conversion on desktop.

I suggest to use a sqlite database.

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