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I'm implementing in-app billing in Android and it's giving me headaches.

When I try to buy my products from the in-app store, bang: "Item unavailable",
but if I try the android_test_purchased everything goes fine.

I made a list with 'all' the possible causes for this problem and checked each one.
Here is the list:

  • in Security.java, the public key should be same as the one in the Android Market account

  • the version of the Market application in the Device should be 2.3.4 or higher

  • the device you use for testing must run a standard version of the Android 1.6 or later

  • the application being tested must be uploaded as draft, in the Android market, and must be signed

  • the application installed in the device must be the same as the one that was uploaded as draft to the market

  • the device must have a something@gmail.com account as its primary account and this account should be defined as a test account in the Android market

  • the products for in-app billing in the Android market must have the same IDs as the ones displayed in the application

  • the in-app products in the Android market must be published

Any suggestion and modification to this list is well appreciated.


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one more point I like to mention is The account u are using for test purchases must b mentioned as a test account in your market account

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I've ran into same issue. Solution was to wait, it take several hours, perhaps one day, until published items in unpublished app become "online".

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I might have the same problem. There seems to be a known issue that test accounts created after August 1st is not working. See Known Purchasing issues from Help pages

No mention anywhere when this is resolved though..

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I can't see this. Can you KlasE? I hope it means the issue has gone away, and I can rely on just waiting. – Amorgos Sep 21 '12 at 14:20

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