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I'm working on the UI for a fairly large and complex web-based application and there is this ongoing discussion about whether or not we should keep the right-click options menu that is present on certain UI elements, or if we should build a UI that doesn't require their use.

For example, if you're viewing a report and you want to change or add a column - you can right-click to do this.

Our usability testing has shown that time and time again, people right-click to perform these tasks - but I believe this because the application resembles a desktop application and thus, people are using it as if it were one.

When I look at the UI for say Google Adsense, which has a lot of similar reporting UI, they're able to not use a right-click menu and to me, it feels very fast and easy to use.

tl;dr: I'm biased against right-click menus in web apps. What best practices exists about when/if/why one should use them?

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wondering...how would you right click on an i-pad? –  ghimireniraj Jun 29 '11 at 17:28
Note that quite a few devices don't even have a way of indicating hover or secondary clicks. Everything that's handled with a stylus or finger for example. –  Joey Jun 29 '11 at 17:28
@ghimireniraj i believe you can do a long press to simulate a 'right click' on an i-pad and in similar android devices. –  Wolfcow Jun 29 '11 at 17:32
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I believe:

  1. you should not try to remove existing right click menu, you don't know what useful things a user might have in it
  2. some devices don't have right click capabilities - tablets, smartphones etc...
  3. even in desktop apps, right click is generally a secondary method to achieve a task and there is always a more visible clue to a primary method
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For any web based coding, I have found that people ignore the right click functionality because it brings up the same menu every time (depending on your browser). I don't understand why people would want to right click, even while looking through Google Adsense or similar reportings.

Any functionality that the user wants should be readily available with easy to find buttons on the top or left side of the screen. I currently do UX for websites and browser games for a certain company. We have never had to use the right click feature for any of them.

If they want something in a right click menu, then they will find it quicker when it's a button infront of their face.

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