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I have a soap web service where the response body contains some escaped xml. So in the body of the response I have :

   <GetServiceResponse xmlns="http://www.abc.com/x/">
              <Value>&amp;lt;/param&amp;gt; etc....</Value>

On my client I get an exception NetDispatcherFaultException "formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize". I am using on the client the following code:

 var binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
 var address = new EndpointAddress("http://localhost:2948/ReportingService.asmx");
 ReportingServiceSoap service = new ReportingServiceSoapClient(binding, address);
 var response = service.GetConfig(request); <-- Exception raised on call

If I replace the escaped text with some string value (no escaped xml) then the client does not raise the exception.

Any ideas where to look?


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With Exceptions turned on I found it was a ReadQuotas issue. In addition, I was testing the client interface from mSpec which meant the app.config was not being read with the corrected ReadQuotas values. So in code I have:

var binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
binding.ReaderQuotas.MaxStringContentLength = 2147483647;
binding.ReaderQuotas.MaxArrayLength = 2147483647;
binding.ReaderQuotas.MaxDepth = 2147483647;
binding.ReaderQuotas.MaxNameTableCharCount = 2147483647;
binding.ReaderQuotas.MaxBytesPerRead = 2147483647;

This resolved the issue.

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