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I'm trying to integrate the MVC-mini-Profiler into my mvc project to help profile the data calls. I'm using the Entity Framework 4.1. In the Profiler documentation is says use:

var conn = ProfiledDbConnection.Get(GetConnection());

The GetConnection() needs to return a System.Data.Common.DbConnection. Does anyone know how to get the System.Data.Common.DbConnection from the current context?


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You have 2 options:

If you already have the EF Container created, you can do this:

var conn = (SqlConnection)((EntityConnection)efContainer.Connection).StoreConnection

If you are going to create EF container using a new connection, you can create a new connection using EF connection string like so:

var connectionString = new EntityConnectionStringBuilder(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["EFConnectionString"].ConnectionString);
DbConnection con = new SqlConnection(connectionString.ProviderConnectionString);
con = ProfiledDbConnection.Get(con);
return ObjectContextUtils.CreateObjectContext<EFContainer>(con);
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