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Convert a .doc or .pdf to an image and display a thumbnail in Ruby?
Does anyone know how to generate document thumbnails in Ruby (or C, python...)

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A simple RMagick example to convert a PDF to a PNG would be:

require 'RMagick'
pdf = Magick::ImageList.new("doc.pdf")
thumb = pdf.scale(300, 300)
thumb.write "doc.png"

To convert a MS Word document, it won't be as easy. Your best option may be to first convert it to a PDF before generating the thumbnail. Your options for generating the PDF depend heavily on the OS you're running on. One might be to use OpenOffice and the Python Open Document Converter. There are also online conversion services you could try, including http://Zamzar.com.

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It works. But it is time consuming. Can I just read the first page of the pdf and get its image version? –  aisensiy Aug 17 '13 at 10:26

Not sure about .doc support in any open source library but ImageMagick (and the RMagick gem) can be compiled with pdf support (I think it's on by default)

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PDF support is a little buggy in ImageMagick - but it's by far the best OS way for ruby. There's also a google summer of code project for pure Ruby PDF support.

I've read stuff about using OpenOffice without the GUI to transform .doc files - but it'll be complicated at best.

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As the 2 previous posters said, ImageMagick's probably the easiest way to generate the thumbnails.

You could exec something like:

´convert -size 300x300 doc.pdf doc.png´

(The backquotes tell Ruby to shell it out).

If you don't want to use exec to do the conversion you could use the RMagick gem to do it for you but it's probably a bit more of code.

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Sample code to answer the comment by @aisensiy above :

require 'rmagick'
pdf_path = "/path/to/interesting/file.pdf"
page_index_path = pdf_path + "[0]" # first page in PDF
pdf_page = Magick::Image.read( page_index_path ).first # first item in Magick::ImageList
pdf_page.write( "/tmp/indexed-page.png" ) # implicit conversion based on file extension

Based on the path clue in answer to another question :


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