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My project is a 3-tier application, where presentation tier consists of several separate modules. I usually make one application for each module, but now I want to create one Shell application for all modules. The Shell application must be composite and assembled from modules. The best user layout, which I found for the Shell is a Microsoft Test Manager 2010 like layout:

  • In the top of the window - list of Bookmarks with the module names
  • Under the top menu - list of sub items for selected module (top item)
  • Depending on the selected sub item system load needed view
  • User can navigate over previously opened views like in browser

For done this job I choose to use WPF and Prism framework. Only problem here is that I new in WPF.

Maybe someone made ​​such a shell, or knows where to find the sources of Test Manager 2010? If not, please, guide me how to create Test Manager 2010 like navigation?

So, because of my question is not clear, I will try to ask closer:

The goal: make Shell application with TM2010 like navigation, that supports composition and modularity Technologies: WPF and Prism framework Implementation:

  1. Create the Shell application in VS, add Bootstrapper e.t.c
  2. Create NavigationControl (here I see 2 ways):
    • Using Prism Regions - make 2 regions (TopItems & BottomItems), share it names for modules and allow every module implement it own buttons and add to the regions
    • Allow module developer register information about module navigation in the Shell. Shell construct navigation layout and behavior.
  3. Add Prism Content region

My issue is p.2. What is best way to get done this job? I think using regions is wrong way.

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What is the question? – Dean Kuga Jun 29 '11 at 17:58
So, the main question was "Maybe someone made ​​such a shell, or knows where to find the sources of Test Manager 2010?", but I understand that this is not clear question... – Sergey L. Jun 30 '11 at 6:30
Test Manager 2010 is a commercial application, therefore the source code is most certainly not readily available and it would be illegal to obtain it. The Test Manager 2010 layout would be easy to replicate with WPF and if you need modularity PRISM/MEF is the way to go... In short, IMO you should thoroughly read the 'Developer's Guide to Microsoft Prism' and go through sample applications shipped with Prism 4 a couple of times. Once you have that under your belt you should have no problem building your app... – Dean Kuga Jun 30 '11 at 15:37
Thank you, but I already read Developer's Guide and have a look on samples. There is no problem with Prism, I have problem with custom NavigationControl... I will make new post about navigation/menu implementation. P.S. Test Manager 2010 not a Prism powered application :) – Sergey L. Jun 30 '11 at 17:28

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