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By 'remapped' I mean by using the Windows feature for automatically translating scan codes to other scan codes. This is configured by tools like KeyTweak, or directly through editing a certain registry key.

If you use WM_KEYDOWN messages and friends, you get the correctly remapped keys. The same goes for DirectInput. But not so for Raw Input. Is there a way to get the remapped keys? I don't need the original scan codes or VK codes, just the remapped ones.

MSDN says that DirectInput when used for keyboard input is a wrapper for Raw Input. But somehow DirectInput gets you the remapped keys, while Raw Input does not.

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My guess is that DI reads the Scancode Map value from the registry when initialized and translates the key codes internally. Here is some old, but still correct, documentation on the "Scancode Map" registry value.

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Thanks, that seems likely. Too much trouble for my needs, though. –  torhu Oct 30 '11 at 20:45

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