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Dim db as MySQLCommunityServer
  db  =New MySQLCommunityServer

  Dim divisionID As String
  Dim supervisorName As String
  Dim lsupervisorTotal As Integer

  If db.Connect then

    dim r as RecordSet
    r=db.SQLSelect("select COUNT(*) As supervisorTotal FROM supervisorTable WHERE supervisorName='" + SupervisorTextField.Text.Trim + "'")

    if r<>nil and r.RecordCount>0 then
      while not r.EOF
        lsupervisorTotal     = r.IdxField(0) // Line with Error
        If lsupervisorTotal > 0 Then
          ' Check User Database and Insert If Needed
        End If

    end if

    MsgBox "Connection failed!"
  end if


The message says "There are several items with this name and it's not clear which one the call refers to lSupervisorTotal = r.IdxField(0)"

Above is the entire method and I don't know what the error is talking about.

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Why would this be tagged VB, let alone VB6? Just to grab attention? –  Bob77 Jun 29 '11 at 19:15

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It should be r.IdxField(0).integervalue. If it was a string it would be r.IdxField(0).stringvalue, .datevalue for a date, etc.

More info can be found in the online documentation at http://docs.realsoftware.com/index.php/RecordSet.IdxField

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I upvoted this answer, though I would assume the code in the original post wouldn't correctly compile because it would expect an integer, whereas .IdxField would just return a database field. –  mjdth Jul 4 '11 at 23:17

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