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I've created a small Python web application using Flask, and I wanted to host it in I already installed mod_wsgi in my subdomain, but when I try to import the main module of my app it fails because it can't be found. All the files are in the /www folder.

Should I place my files somewhere else? I tried including the current working directory in my .wsgi file but it still doesn't work.

For reference, my .wsgi looks like this:

import os
import sys
from ngl import app as application

My application is called and it's in the same folder as the .wsgi file.


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The current working directory under mod_wsgi will not be where the WSGI script is located, so you shouldn't be using os.getcwd(). See:

To do what you want, use:


This is calculating the directory the WSGI script file is in by getting the directory path component of the name of the WSGI script file as recorded in __file__ variable.

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