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I have:

onclick="document.getElementById('field1').value = 
Math.round((parseFloat(document.getElementById('field2').value,2)*100))/100 + 

Most numbers round ok to 2 decimal points which is what I need.

However, with an example like

onclick="document.getElementById('field1').value = 
Math.round((parseFloat(document.getElementById('21.29').value,2)*100))/100 + 

Field 1 is returning 75.99000000000001 How can I trim to 75.99 consistently?

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var num = 5 / 6;

var display = num.toFixed(2)

num outputs: 0.8333333333333334

display outputs: "0.83"
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Use the method toFixed(2) to fix it at 2 decimal places:

(Math.round((parseFloat(document.getElementById('21.29').value,2)*100))/100 + 
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How about this:


The toFixed method should take care of the rounding nicely for you.

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