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I need to use the mentioned 3rd party datepicker and it throws an exception when an invalid date it entered. The author only exposes one event, which is fired when a successful parse takes place. How, in ASP.NET could I catch this error and do something about it, like set a label's text?

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There are a couple of approaches you can take here, personally I would replace the default event handler for the TextChanged event via inheritance.

The code assigns one via during the setup and unfortunately textbox is a private member

textBox.TextChanged += new EventHandler(OnSelectedDateChanged);  

which is declared as

protected virtual void OnSelectedDateChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

So we can inherit SlimeeLibrary.DatePicker

public class EnhancedDatePicker : SlimeeLibrary.DatePicker

and then override the EventHandler raising a new parse error event.

public event EventHandler OnDateParseError;

protected override void OnSelectedDateChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        base.OnSelectedDateChanged(sender, e);
    catch (FormatException fe)
        OnDateParseError(sender, e);


Hope that helps. I haven't checked it but have examined the code for slimees control, but don't want to setup a code project account to download it sorry. You'll obviously need to change your ASP.NET usercontrol references to use the new class.

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