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<div id="123" name="foo"></div>
<iframe src="/innerpage.html"></iframe>


 and here is some GWT widget that needs to access the div with id="123":

Is it possible to access the div on mainpage within the inner page?

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Just as an FYI -- you don't have to deploy gwt as an iframe... –  Abdullah Jibaly Jun 29 '11 at 19:11
That is also a good point, if you can, I would deploy GWT directly into the page as it removes other headaches as well. –  Brad Gardner Jun 29 '11 at 19:15

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Using jsni you can do this:

iframe accessing parent DOM?

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You should be able to do this using parent.getElementById("123");

Note that the innerpage and mainpage will likely need to be within the same domain to prevent this getting flagged as cross-site scripting.

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