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I have an application with two telerik mvc drop-downs - region and country. I need to populate the country drop-down using an ASMX Web Service every time the region drop-down change. In other words I need to pass a parameter to the web service and a way to call the bind method form the client. This is what I have but it's not working.

             .BindTo(new SelectList(Model, "value", "value"))
             .ClientEvents(events => events.OnChange("onChange"))

            .ClientEvents(events => events
            .DataBinding(dataBinding => dataBinding

Now the scripts

<script type="text/javascript">

var RegionDDLv;

function onChange() {
      //Get the region
      RegionDDLv = $("#RegionDDL").data("tDropDownList").value();
      var countryDDLv = $("#countryDDL").data("tDropDownList");

      countryDDLv.dataBind();//THIS IS NOT WORKING
function onDropDownListDataBinding(e) { = { region: RegionDDLv };


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After some research, I found the answerer here

It is

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instead of

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