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PowerShell makes working with XML fairly easy in most cases. However, I'm having trouble using the "dot" notation to walk through a web.config file. Everything works

Import-Module WebAdministration
$site = get-website | ? { $_.name -eq "My Website - 80" }
$WebConfigFile = $site.physicalPath + "\web.config"
[xml]$WebAppXml = Get-Content $WebConfigFile

On the last line, PowerShell uses intellisense to fill in system.web, but if you try to run it, the output is null. I know I can use Xpath or the .NET Xml objects, but I'd rather not if I don't have to.

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This works too:



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Alternatively, you can use variables:

$subproperty = 'System.Web' $webAppXml.configuration.$subproperty

I find this to be the most useful technique, because it lets me switch properties easily.

BTW, you can use the same trick to get to a method definition, and not run it.

Hope this Helps

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