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I like using 3rd-party JARs with docs and source when I'm developing, but not when I'm shipping finished code. Is there a best practice for switching them?

Here's some specifics. In my current Eclipse project, I place the docs+src JARs in "WebContent/WEB-INF/lib" and then check the whole project into CM (Mercurial). This works great, except that I get the fat JARs in my build instead of the lean ones.

Certainly there are a thousand ways to fix this, ranging from "OMG that's awful" to "Elegant!" I'm looking for the latter :). Also, it'd be nice if both flavors of each JAR were in CM using some intuitive manner, so they get versioned together when new releases come out.

BTW, we're currently using Ant for builds, but are open to others.

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I've never seen anyone putting the source, doc and class files in the same jar. Do you have an example? Usually, you have three jars : one with the classes, one with the source files, and one with the api doc.

If I haven't understood your question correctly, and if you indeed have three different jars, then just put the source and doc jars elsewhere in your project tree, so that the release doesn't contain them.

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Thx, JB Nizet. Great call on putting them elsewhere on the project tree; thanks for helping me see the obvious! As for an example, it's a 3rd-party commercial vendor I'm heavily using, though I've seen others do it, too. –  judoman Jul 1 '11 at 0:04

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