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I have and WebFlow in my controller, and simple flow-scoped service. Somewhere close to the end of my web flow, I need to validate my command object field against value I received earlier in the web flow. For this I created a simple flow-scoped service:

class EventFlowService implements Serializable {

    static transactional = false

    static scope = "flow"

    Date getEventStartDate(){

I don't need my service anywhere else than in a command object, so I inject it to my command object, like so:

class EventRestrictionsCommand implements Serializable{

    def eventFlowService

    boolean onlineRegistration
    Date onlineRegistrationEnd
    Date onlineRegistrationStart

    static constraints = {

        onlineRegistrationEnd validator: {val, obj ->
                return val > obj.onlineRegistrationStart || val <= obj.eventFlowService.getEventStartDate()
            return null

The problem is that I get exception saying, that there is no flow property in my service. Is there any way I can get access to flow storage in my flow-scoped service?

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I met the SAME issue before and worked it out by installing webflow plugin in GRAILS:

grails install-plugin webflow

Say, the new version of grails surports webflow well by installing webflow plugin.

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