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I read the tutorial about gradients in SVG at I was impressed by the Text fill and stroking part. It used a gradient defined to display text in a shaded manner. I was just wondering, can I change the size of the text using this gradient. Please give me an example of how to do this in a single tspan element.

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You can style the tspan elements with CSS, if you want to change the font-size that can be done e.g like this:

 tspan { font-size: 48px }

or alternatively using the corresponding presentation attribute:

<text>...<tspan font-size="48">big text</tspan>...</text>
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I donot want to write a seperate tspan for each font size. E.g I want to use first alphabet of the first word of a para in size 20, and rest of it in size 20. It would mean that I will have to define two tspans, one for the Big first alphabet, and another for the rest of the text. – Saba Jul 1 '11 at 14:43
You can set a font-size on the <text> element too, and use <tspan> to override the font-size for the first word only. – Erik Dahlström Jul 2 '11 at 9:34

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