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How do I make my AIR app window not resizable? Note, I am not talking about any newly created window, but the actual AIR app's window (WindowedApplication)

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In your application.xml file, set resizable to false under initialWindow:

    <!-- Normal app stuff like id, name, etc -->
        <!-- Normal initialWindow stuff like content, title, systemChrome -->
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set the application's minwidth same as maxwidth and minheight same as maxheight

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this is the long way, the correct way is posted by John Feminella – Ryan Mills Nov 1 '11 at 18:41


var windowOptions:NativeWindowInitOptions = new NativeWindowInitOptions();
NativeWindowInitOptions.resizable = false;

See here for more info on what you can do with the window options.

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widowOptions seems to only work for newly created NativeWindow. In my case, I am looking to make my app's window (i.e. WindowedApplication.nativeWindow) not resizable, how would I do that? – Boon Mar 17 '09 at 6:44

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