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I understand the process needed to customize a right click menu going through the regedit etc. However I need to the ability to go multiple levels such as in applications like WinZip. Here's a picture for clarification of what I need

alt text

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You need to write a Shell Extension; there is a guide for writing one in managed code (C#) here. It will involve doing a bunch of interop and implementing COM interfaces that the windows shell will consume, namely IShellExtInit and IContextMenu.

However, one could argue that writing a Shell Extension in managed code is not advisable; it will force windows explorer to load the CLR, (or any app that uses the standard windows 'Open File' dialog) - native code (C++) would be a better choice for this.

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Thanks for the reference. I will take your advice and avoid .NET when writing a shell extension. I found another reference tutorial that is helping quite nicely here: –  Balk Mar 17 '09 at 20:10
Raymond Chen also had a post about the headaches involved when using .NET for Shell extensions. It really seemed like a topic best avoided. –  Joey Mar 17 '09 at 21:28

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