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I have a C# 3.5 WinForm project, and I can't find where to adjust Margin used for a DataGridView's Header AutoSize.

AutoSizeColumnsMode is set to None. I can resize the column larger or smaller, then double click to AutoResize, and it pops to this width, using the margin illustrated by my awesome paint skills:

DataGridView Header Margin How can I adjust the margin used?

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Something like this: C# AutoSize DatagridView Populated By Linq Query

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I have autosizing working- I want to adjust the margin used by autosizing. –  StormRider01 Jun 30 '11 at 18:51
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"I want to adjust the margin used by autosizing"

The property used to set a DataGridView's Margin Column size is slightly less obvious:

DataGridView1.RowHeadersWidth = 41;
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