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I'm trying to send an HttpWebRequest to paypal so I can send a dollar amount for paypal to charge someone.

I'm sending the request just fine and I'm getting a response just fine. However, I am told I need to parse the TOKEN out of the response I get in order to redirect the user to paypal to actually log in and pay for the items. I can't find TOKEN anywhere in the debugger and I'm not seeing any property I can use to Substring out the token. Maybe I'm just missing it or am I using the wrong object? The person who suggested this method mentioned using CURL, but I remembered WebRequests and WebResponses.

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The token will be in the response stream, use HttpWebResponse.GetResponsesStream to get the stream and you can use a StreamReader to read it as text. Once you do that you can dump it to debug output and figure out how to parse.


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Exactly right, thank you for the quick and accurate answer. –  Brian Green Jun 30 '11 at 21:20

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