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To start off my skill is a novice.

I have recently started learning python, so I am sorry if I miss something obvious.

I want to build an app that talks to a database. Analogy would be the youtube app for example. It connects to a secure host (requires login and password), and then returns to user results based on their query.

What I need the app to do is
*Get user Login information (preferrably do it in a secure way and not store it unencrypted on the users phone - This is I think easily solved with GetPassword so not worried about this)
*Once user clicks 'login' Authenticate the user on my site (no clue at all how to even research how to do this. I know where the source code for the login page from regular browser is but not sure what to do)
*How do I do queries based on who the user is? (for example their email, and other related data).

I would love some specific examples as well as general, and if there is a tutorial for a way to get the phone app talking to a server I would love that as well. Or any other related tutorial for that matter.

Thank you

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That is not code for an Android app. Did you tag this wrong? – Spidy Jun 30 '11 at 2:55
Sorry you are right, that code had no place there. I do need it in python, but that code let me know that i have to do it using httppost. I am trying to figure out how to make it work right now on the phone (most of the problem I am running into have nothing to do with this part of the code). I just recently picked up the android so it's all new (and started on python 3-4 weeks ago as well) – StanM Jun 30 '11 at 3:16
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You can use HttpPost and HttpGet requests to communicate with a server. HttpGet sends parameters in the url (ex: That is obviously not the preferred method for secure information. The HttpPost sends the data in a packet which is encrypted using https. Here's an example of sending user entered data to a web page.

    EditText usernameText = (EditText)findViewById(;
    EditText passwordText = (EditText)findViewById(;
    String postParameters = "u=" + usernameText.getText() + "&p=" + passwordText.getText();
    try {
        DefaultHttpClient kccClient = new DefaultHttpClient();

        HttpPost postRequest = new HttpPost("");
        HttpEntity postEntity = new StringEntity(postParameters);
        postRequest.setHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");

        HttpResponse postResponse = kccClient.execute(postRequest);
        HttpEntity postResponseEntity = postResponse.getEntity();

    } catch(Exception e) {

To use a secure connection, just change the web url to

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