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1 - I'm using WebSolr for this search. 2 - I have two fields stored in websolr - name and id.

I want to search for these entries based on name AND boost the search score based on this criteria:

if id in [x1,x2..xN] then +2
if id in [y1,y2..yN] then +1
else +0

From my research, the answer lies in the following - Function query, or - DisMaxQParser

I have looked at the documentation but IMO its not very comprehensive.

Any help is appreciated.

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In addition to hkn's approach, you could also use DisMax query parser boost queries:


(Untested, but should convey the idea.)

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You can use boosts. Try a query like

name:searchString AND ( id:[x1 TO xN] ^2 OR id:[y1 TO yN]^1)
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