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I have two listboxes, countries and states. When I select a country, first state that belongs to the country should be selected in the states listbox. I get the selected countryid and then set the first state that belongs to the country as selected. This works fine in IE8, but in chrome I have a problem. when I first select a country, states listbox scrolls down to select the state. Second time, if I select a country for which the state list needs to scroll up to show the state, it doesn't happen. When i scroll up i see that the item is selected as expected. It's only that the item is not shown in the visible portion of the list. Any suggestion?

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I made an example for you here.

Hope you found this useful!

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example is a dropdownlist. As I mentioned in my question, mine are listboxes with scrollbars. –  bhu Jun 30 '11 at 7:30

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