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Am using the script below for a sub nav on rollover which works fine but there is one thing i wold like to do and that is on a certain page i would like it to be visible!

in other words home page you rollover and sub nav is shown then when you click to a content page which has a subnav the sub nav mean is be visible always shown and the over subnav are shown over the top on rolover.... if that makes scenes?

$(document).ready(function() {
    $("ul#topnav li").hover(function() { //Hover over event on list item
        $(this).find("div").show(); //Show the subnav
    } , function() { //on hover out...
        $(this).css({ 'background' : 'none'}); //Ditch the background
        $(this).find("div").hide(); //Hide the subnav

the way iv made the pages is using a include file (inc.mainnav.php)

i was thinking of using somethink like .find.attr(class).cur .cur is the current nav page. but js is not that good...

hope some one can help ???

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Give your current/active tab a class <li class="active"> and just have a css rule for

ul#topnav div{display:block;}

it would be best to do it in css rather than JS

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yeah i think your right for what i want now i know longer need to use js this can all be done in css ! thanks – Daniel Morton Jun 30 '11 at 6:34

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