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Is there a way to create an instance of a TextView on a separate layout? I have created an ExpandableListView with x number of objects. I would like to display one of the children in the collapsed group as well. I realize I could set up in the code, however it would be much easier, and much cleaner if I could just point to the same id multiple times.

I have tried dropping the + in "@+id/dscItem"so that it was "@id/dscItem" but it didn't do much. Is it true that I can only point to this id once!?

SimpleExpandableListAdapter mAdapter = new SimpleExpandableListAdapter(
            this, createGroup(), R.layout.exprow, R.layout.row,
            new String[] { Items.ITEMS_ITEM }, new int[] { },
            createChildren(), R.layout.exprow, new String[] {
                    Items.ITEMS_DESC, Items.ITEMS_MANU },
            new int[] {, });

XML layout 1:



XML layout 2


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You can create a textview in a separate layout and use it by layout merge in xml or layout inflater in java code

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Works well. However, I didn't actually need to create <merge/>, I just needed to add <include layout="......"/> inside of my linearlayout. Thanks for the lead! – atomSmasher Jun 30 '11 at 14:03

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