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I'm trying a simple jquery script to fadeout one div and fadein another one in it's place but for some reason the first div never fades out. It's probably an obvious problem with the code but I cannot seem to make it out.

#cuerpo { display: none; }

<div id="cuerpo"></div>
<div id="inicio"></div>

function delayed() {
$("div").fadeIn(3000, function () {

$("a").click(function () {

How should I do it? What am I doing wrong?

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There is a simple way to do this:


then the HTML:

<a href="#">In/Out</a>

<div id="fadeout">Fade Out</div>
<div id="fadein" style="display:none;">Fade In</div>
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I think you can use callback...

$('#fadeout').fadeOut(300, function(){

this is the most stable way....

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There is a syntax error it should be


and not




and not

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I fixed it through erasing all HTML inside inicio with javascript. However even after correcting the code the div id="inicio" kept reappearing. Don't know why. Would liked to write the code properly. – lisovaccaro Jun 30 '11 at 6:28

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