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Which is the best way to create a site search engine for a dynamic asp.net site with hundreds of dynamic pages. I have seen many products and articles






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You say that you have seen the above links but you haven't mentioned what your take is on them. –  Cerebrus Mar 17 '09 at 5:59

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Another high-quality open-source option would be the .NET port of Lucene

You haven't mentioned Google's SiteSearch "product". Is one of your requirements that you'd like to host the search engine/catalog yourself?

Microsoft also has a product Search Server 2008 Express although I'm not sure if you can install it on any hosting provider.

And (disclaimer: I am the author) there is also a very basic open source project on CodeProject called Searcharoo (also at searcharoo.net). It is really meant as a 'demonstration/learning experience' - hence the six how to articles - but it might suffice for a small dynamic site.

I have used SQL Server Full Text Search for some projects - works well but it's really just searching database content, not a combination of static and dynamic Html/Pdf/Word/Jpg etc documents which a "real" web crawler will do.

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