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hi i am using GORM and i have an user table in database. also I have an update method that updates a users profile. when i am trying to update a contact its ok with first try, but after second or sometimes third try, iam getting

ERROR org.hibernate.transaction.JDBCTransaction - Could not toggle autocommit
java.sql.SQLException: Error during query: Unexpected Exception: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException message given: 3

exception when i am trying to do this:

User updateUser(User tempUser){
    User user = User.get(id)//this line throws exception
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i edited tim_yates u can check – Sedat Başar Jun 30 '11 at 8:36
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First of all, there is not enough information.

User updateUser (User tempUser) {
    User user = User.get(id)//this line throws exception

Why are you doing it like this? Is this code in a Domain class?

You can update User instance classic way in your controller:

def userInstance = User.get(
if(userInstance) { = params
    if (!userInstance.hasErrors() && true)) {
        flash.message = "User was updated successfully"
        // redirect somewhere

Also you can try to add method to user instance (in User domain class), smth like this:

Class User {

    def updateUserInstance(params) { = params
        if (!it.hasErrors() && true)) {
            return true // or return it
        } else {
            return false

and then invoke it in your controller:

def userInstance = User.get(
if(userInstance.updateUserInstance(params)) {
    // do something

I didn't test code snippets above, so be carefull. And about your code, it would be nice, if you gave some more code: parts of User class, more of updateUser method.


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