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Can I pass custom data from the module's controller to widgets(when it is being used as a tag in the module view) programatically? Or does this violate the concept of widgets being self contained?

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Wow, 4 months passed but hope this helps:

Let's say that you have a module named "example" in:


Create a "widgets" folder under "example" module directory and create your widget there:

In this case widget controller filename will be:


Its content:

<?php defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Widget_Something extends Widgets
    public $author         = 'Author';
    public $website     = 'site';
    public $version     = '1.0';

    public function run($options)
       // Load your modules model

       // And/Or load your modules library

       // Return values to use in view
       return array(
           'variable_name'   => $this->example_m->get_some_data(),
           'variable_name_2' => $this->example_m->get_some_other_data()

And its view will be in:


View content:

<h2>Some html</h2>
<p>And the variable from controller:</p>
<p><?php echo $variable_name;?></p>

For more info you can look under blog module directory. There you will see widgets.

Otherwise there is always pyrocms.com:


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