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I want to make a drop down action bar/menu below title bar..with the slide from top animation. I have created a new activity with theme > theme.dialog and added animation translate from top to bottom of screen but it drop from start of screen not from below the task bar where i have added a arrow for drop down menu.

any suggestion?

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you have not added any code here so its very difficult to predict whats the problem, but i can give you an idea.

  • Do one thing add a viewFlipper and align it below your title bar. and add your menu layout inside the flipper.

  • set animation to flipper. and call startFlipping() and stopFlipping().


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I just want to make something similar to when click the small button below title bar. a dash board opens similar to when we click file menu on windows explorer it opens a drop down list above the previous window.. –  Ali Jun 30 '11 at 7:33

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