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any body can explain the parameters of RSAParameters i had seen the parameters like p,d,e,q,... i need the private key and public key from it

i got the link


i am using the sample code as like this can anybody can say it was right or not sample code:

  //Generate a public/private key pair.
            RSACryptoServiceProvider RSA = new RSACryptoServiceProvider();
            //Save the public key information to an RSAParameters structure.
            RSAParameters RSAKeyInfo = RSA.ExportParameters(true);
            //public key    
            TextBox5.Text = Convert.ToBase64String(RSAKeyInfo.Exponent);
            // private key  
            TextBox6.Text = Convert.ToBase64String(RSAKeyInfo.D);

they had give as that the public key is {e,n} where n = result of the (P*Q) Private key is {d, n} where n = result of the (P*Q)

where i had done is the correct thing or not in the sample code for the public and private keys

thanks alot

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Remember that not all byte arrays can be shown as valid strings and that they don't have to survive a round trip from byte[] to string to byte[] – CodingBarfield Jun 30 '11 at 7:13

Using the BouncyCastle API


and something similiar to the following;

public AsymmetricCipherKeyPair GenerateKeys(int keySizeInBits)
  RsaKeyPairGenerator r = new RsaKeyPairGenerator();
  r.Init(new KeyGenerationParameters(new SecureRandom(),
  AsymmetricCipherKeyPair keys = r.GenerateKeyPair();
  return keys;

You can access an object that will have a .Public and .Private property with the correctly formatted strings.

I had a similiar problem a while back and this was the best solution that I could find. I do not have the exact code to hand, but will post it when I get into the office if required, but the above should work.

Updated with Code

This is the code I used to generate public/private keys.

  public static AsymmetricCipherKeyPair GenerateKeys(int keySizeInBits)
        var r = new RsaKeyPairGenerator();
        r.Init(new KeyGenerationParameters(new SecureRandom(),keySizeInBits));
        var keys = r.GenerateKeyPair();
        return keys;

static void Main(string[] args)
    var keys = GenerateKeys(2048);

    var publicKey = keys.Public.ToString();

    var textWriter = new StreamWriter("private.key");
    var pemWriter = new PemWriter(textWriter);

    textWriter = new StreamWriter("public.key");
    pemWriter = new PemWriter(textWriter);


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Thanks so much for this, works like a charm. – c0d3Junk13 Mar 19 '13 at 21:05
when I view var "publicKey" I see "Org.BouncyCastle.Crypto.Parameters.RsaKeyParameters". Is this expected? – barrypicker May 5 at 16:30

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