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I have made a HTML page. This page is smaller than Iphone screen. Let's say this is login page. The page contains text input fields.

I disabled scrolling the page this way:

document.ontouchmove = function(e){

That code prevents scrolling, but when I tap an input field and drag, than the page is scrolling anyway.

Is there a way to completely disable page scrolling in HTML at iPhone?

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The user can always scroll to the top by touching the status bar, so the best way to prevent scrolling is to keep scrolling. Put window.scrollTo(x, y) in a setInterval, and whenever the user scroll the page you can scroll it back to the right position.

When the user click on an input field, Mobile Safari might scroll up a bit to avoid keyboard covering the input field. Make sure that you scrolling behavior won't get the input field covered by the keyboard.

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