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What would be the best way to specify e.g. multiple copyrights or authors using the <meta> tag? Should we use a <meta> tag with the same name multiple times?

<meta name="copyright" content="Company A" />
<meta name="copyright" content="Company B" />

Will the search engine respect both values? Or, is it better to comma-separate them?


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Using multiple meta tags with the same name is valid HTML.

But we don't know how search engines and other readers will interpret them. Either two meta tags will be concatenated or one of them will be ignored/overwritten.

Example: The PHP-function get_meta_tags() will ignore multiple meta tags with an equal name.

To avoid possible problems I would recommend to use a single meta tag:

<meta name="copyright" content="Company A, Company B" />
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If the page contains multiple meta tags of the same type, Google will aggregate the content values. For instance, they will interpret


The same way as:


More details here:

I guess most other search engines would handle the meta tags in the same way.

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