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I'm developing online map(like google maps) of cool fantasy world. I'm also use OS X on my main computer. Since OS X(especially Lion) are focused on different multi-touch gestures because almost of all mac users have a multi-touch input device(magic mouse or trackpad) I want to add support of pinch gesture to my online map(two-finger scroll would be cool to add too). Is it possible to do it? It's not bad if it will work only in some specific browser or web engine.

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scripty2.com/demos/touch - it's open source, works on handheld devices (tested on my Android), but doesn't seem to work on desktops (they talk about some fallback techniques, but I have no way to check it). –  Dr McKay Jun 30 '11 at 9:18
Unfortunately (if I'm right) it uses touch API which available only on mobile device with touchscreen. –  XRazont Aug 16 '11 at 10:17

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According to this question, it looks like firefox offers some support for multitouch gestures (see here), but other major browsers do not.

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recently I've been developing webapplication for iPad using my PC and Chrome, it used a pinch feature. I found a way how to emulate touch and multi-touch feature on a desktop browser, posted my results on github here https://github.com/dgolovanev/mxTouch still does not supports predefined gestures but can handle touch and multi-touch events, hope it will be helpful

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For Google maps (in Chrome) there is an extension available for the two finger scroll, that also eliminates the horrible zoom function at same time.


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