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Is there any static code analysis tools for Android that would pick up simple things like NullPointerExceptions from trying to access an object that might be null (without checking for it first)...

Tools like resharper on C# projects do this quite well, so I'm presuming there is similar tools for Android's Java...

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It's not really android specific, it's Java specific.

Several tools I know of:

  1. PMD - official site
  2. FindBugs - official site

More complete list of tools can be found on wikipedia.

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Please tell me how can I achieve code checking for a gradle based android studio project. Is there any way to do so using command line. I would prefer a tool which can be controlled using command line as it can be used for continuous integration – Nevin Raj Victor Apr 20 '15 at 7:20

Since ADT 16 there is build-int Android Lint tool for static code analysis. http://tools.android.com/tips/lint/

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For static analysis of Android apps, you can use the following combination:

  1. Use DED to first decompile the apps and get the Java source files
  2. Use SOOT to statically analyze the Java source files obtained from the step above
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Android specific:



IccTA (from the creators of FlowDroid)

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Try IntelliJ IDEA from Jetbrains (the creator of resharper). It has a lot of java code inspections like resharper and support developing Android applications.

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AndroidStudio is a thin layer on top of IntelliJ IDEA which zloyrobot points out has lots of inspections. The problem is that there are so many inspections that it is difficult to narrow down your queries to pick up only the really good stuff. I developed a profile for that purpose and describe how to use it here: http://superliminal.com/computing/idea_static_analysis.html

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