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The TableContainer is declared in HTML like so:

<div dojoType="dojox.layout.TableContainer" jsId="myTable" id="myTable" cols="1">
    <!-- stuff -->     

I tried adding a row containing a TextBox programmatically like so:

var tb = new dijit.form.TextBox({
            label: "Name"

The TextBox will be displayed below the table and no labels are shown. How can I place new rows with label inside the table?

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yeah there is some issue with tablecontainer ,the suggested work around for this issue would be

<div id='myTable'></div>

declare the div in the HTML but convert it into tableContainer in script then u can have the use of both the ways avoiding the bug

initialize the table container in script like

var myTable=new dojox.layout.TableCOntainer({cols:1},"myTable");

don't forget to startup our table container after adding the childrens

After this you can easily add any number of childs normally

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I'm pretty sure this is a bug. It looks like once the TableContainer has been started the first time, adding children wont trigger a new layout() etc. A quick but hideous workaround would be to make the TableContainer "forget" that it has already been initialized and started, and then run startup() manually.

var tb = new dijit.form.TextBox({
            label: "Name"

myTable._initialized = false;
myTable._started = false;

I take no responsibility for any unforeseen oddities this may cause though :-) Normally manipulating private members (the ones starting with an underscore) is a bad idea.

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