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will the following code work, if the safe array count to be returned is zero? Should I do anything else?

HRESULT GetAlarms(FAULT_TYPE eAlarmType, long alarmLevel, VARIANT* pvarAlamLst)
   pvarAlamLst->vt = VT_ARRAY |VT_VARIANT;
   pvarAlamLst->parray = NULL;
   return S_OK;
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pArray is a LPSAFEARRAY and should be treated as such. Therefore you need the SAFEARRAY functions (macros). SAFEARRAY doesn't have a concept of "count" as such, it's a variable-dimension array. A one-dimensional SAFEARRAY can have size 0, but a 2D SAFEARRAY would have size 0x0 (or 1x0).

In particular, MSDN documents VT_ARRAY as "The pointer in parray points to an array descriptor", but NULL doesn't point to an array descriptor.

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