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I'm very new to IntelliJ and Grails, and it looks like my Grails View in the tool windows sidebar disappeared, after I deleted a controller. I just cant find how to show it back, I need it because all my class files are shown in that view.

If you require more information please let me know.

thanks a lot in advance, daniel

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Do you still have Grails menu item in right-click menu on the project root? If not, press 'Add framework support...' in that menu and re-add Grails.

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had to add the framework support again, thank you! – dan Jun 30 '11 at 11:57

restart IDE after creating first time grails new project. for me this works.

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This works for me. Seems the intellij would recognize this project and do some view reloading after restarting. – sunraincyq Jul 3 '15 at 21:37

For me the Grails menu item was available when right clicking on the project but the Grails Tool Window was gone. It was not listed in View -> Tool Windows like @paniclater suggested. I could restore it by doing a right click on the project and select Grails -> Change SDK Version. I just selected the Grails version I was already using and the view popped up.

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I know this was asked a long time ago, but I recently had this problem and was able to solve it in the following way:

  1. Click on View menu.
  2. Hover on Tool Windows to let the submenu pop up.
  3. Click on Grails View
  4. The Grails view will now pop up, for me it popped up in the bottom section of the IDE. I wanted it back in the left so I right clicked the Grails View title and hovered over "Move to" then clicked on "left".

Hope this helps someone else. If Grails View is not available in the tool windows menu then it is most likely that Grails Framework support needs to be set up as Victor mentioned earlier.

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