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I have a dynamic menu that I need to convert into background images using CSS classes. I would like to convert the label into a safe class name for the css.

An example being: - Convert string: 'Products & Sunflowers' - Into a string that contains only a-z and 1-9. The above would be converted into a validate string that can be used as a class name eg: 'products_sunflowers'

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Not sure what you are asking here. Could you spend more time defining the problem and give code examples of what you've tried? –  Paul DelRe Jun 30 '11 at 13:16

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I use this:


It will strip all but letters, convert to lower-case and remove all html tags.

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Have you tried preg_replace?

This will return 'ProductsSunflowers' for your above example.

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Technically if this is going to be truly CSS safe you need to also ensure that the classname doesn't start with a number. I'd just go with preg_replace('/\W+/', '', $className) to strip all but letters. –  Pooch Jul 19 '12 at 4:55

I wrote a sample code to solve your problem, hope it helps

$r ='@_+(\w)@';
$b= ucfirst(preg_replace_callback(
    function ($matches) {
        return strtoupper($matches[1]);
echo $a,PHP_EOL;
echo $b,PHP_EOL;

$ php -f s.php



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