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I am making a RPM file cache server. A PC on the network accesses the cache server. If the file is present on the server, it is served. If not, it is downloaded from the internet before being served.

I wrote this with BaseHTTPServer with urllib to fetch the files. Now with small files, there is little delay between downloading the file and serving it.


But some files may take minutes to download. So the client is kept waiting, while server finishes the file. This may cause client to time-out. How do we serve the file as it is being downloaded to prevent time-outs by the client?

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A read-write loop.

x= download_buffer.read(1024)
while x:
    x= download_buffer.read(1024)
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Of course! Why didnt this cross my mind? –  aitchnyu Jun 30 '11 at 14:58

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