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Is there available any open source admin interface to add/edit/delete jobs & triggers in QUARTZ.NET scheduler?

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Check out this blog. He describes a few that worked for him and few others he investigated.

Once you know how to use the Quartz API (Example 12 - Client really helped me), it's not too difficult to extract whatever information you want.

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Check out this other question: Combining Quartz.Net with UI.

QuartzNetWebConsole and crystal-quartz seem to be more active projects. Both are open-source and have NuGet packages available.

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CrystalQuartz for Quartz.Net 2: mattpenner.info/2011/10/10/crystalquartz-for-quartz-net-2 –  Marcel de Castilho Jan 15 '13 at 16:09

I combined this jquery plugin with my c# code and a hidden field. Worked well for me: I used this: http://shawnchin.github.com/jquery-cron/

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