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I'm trying to find a pattern for preg_replace which will match incorrectly formed HTML links / URLs in a paragraph and replace them with correct links. I'm really not sure how to start with it.

This is how I need the URL to be formed (http:// needs to be included):

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Bad URLs may well come in the form of:
<a href=""></a>

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.



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Ok found a solution that seems to work pretty well:

$msg = preg_replace(
                   "#(^|[\n ])([\w]+?://[^ \"\n\r\t<]*)#is",
                   "$1<a href=\"$2\" target=\"_blank\">$2</a>",

$msg = preg_replace(
                   "#(^|[\n ])((www|ftp)\.[^ \"\t\n\r<]*)#is",
                   "$1<a href=\"http://$2\" target=\"_blank\">$2</a>",
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