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I'm having a problem outputting even the simplest Element(Tree) instances. If I try the following code in Python 2.7.1

>>> from xml.etree.ElementTree import Element, SubElement, tostring
>>> root = Element('parent')
>>> child = Element('child')
>>> SubElement(root, child)
>>> tostring(root)

I get an error:

TypeError: cannot serialize <Element 'root' at 0x9a7c7ec> (type Element)

I must be doing something wrong but the documentation isn't pointing me at anything obvious.

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SubElement does not take an element as the second parameter. The API docs give the signature as

SubElement(parent, tag, attrib={}, **extra)

i.e. the second parameter is the tag (i.e. name) of the sub element

The ElementTree docs give more detail

To add a child element look at the append method on Element e.g.

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SubElement's second argument is tag (str) not Element, it creates Element instance by itself:

>>> SubElement(root, 'child')
0: <Element 'child' at 0x1f2dfb0>
>>> tostring(root)
1: '<parent><child /></parent>'
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SubElement's second parameter is a String -- the name of the tag you'd like to add to the root Element. You either want append or insert if you're dealing with Elements.

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