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I've downloaded the source and compiled it from the VS command prompt using nmake. I've also installed the VS 2010 addin. However, now when I go to Qt -> Options -> Add and find the newly Qt compiled binaries, it says:

"Qt in the given path was compiled with MinGW."

No I haven't. What's this all about? I've used "-platform win32-msvc2010" to configure too.


just to add, the path I was browsing for was like: QTDIR\qt\

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It sounds like you have the binaries from the Qt sdk on the machine and it's finding those instead of the ones you compiled.

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Well, the qmake in QTDIR\qt\bin\ has the creation date of the compilation as do all of the files in that folder, so that has to be the right qmake... I have no other Qt SDK's on my PC. – Nemanja Miljkovic Jun 30 '11 at 15:53

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