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I am using Spring Batch and I've created a tasklet that is run by using a SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor. In this step, I am retrieving the StepExecutionContext with

public void saveStepExecution(StepExecution stepExecution) {
    this.stepExecution = stepExecution;

In the processing method of the tasklet, I try to update the context:

stepExecution.getExecutionContext().put("info", contextInfo);

This leads to ConcurrentModificationExceptions on the stepExecution. How can I avoid these and update my context in this multi-threaded environment?

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please provide more infos, e.g. which spring batch version and the source of the tasklet implementation – Michael Pralow Jul 12 '11 at 21:56
SpringBatch 2.1.8. What details of the implementation do you need to answer the question? – tobiasbayer Jul 13 '11 at 11:36
if you implemented a tasklet with 'org.springframework.batch.core.step.tasklet.Tasklet' you would need to implement 'RepeatStatus execute(StepContribution contribution, ChunkContext chunkContext)' and inside the chunkContext is a modifiable stepExecutionContext, you use the BeforeStep Annotation to get the stepExecution, so i am not sure how your "tasklet" looks like or if it even is a "Tasklet" – Michael Pralow Jul 13 '11 at 11:43

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The step execution context is a shared resource. Are you really trying to put one "info" per thread? Depending on your context, there are many ways to solve this, since it is a threading issue, not Spring batch.

1) if there is one info per thread, have the thread put a threadlocal in the context (once), and then use the threadlocal to store the "info".

2) if context info is "global", then you should do the put in a synchronized block and check for its existence before putting.

Hope this helps.

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