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I have used this code to get a feed reader form twitter. I have list them in the listView as the article says, but with some images I have a problem with the size and they are anormally big...I have tried unsuccesfully to fix the size of the image with:

<ImageView  android:id="@+id/photoUser" 
android:maxWidth="10dp" android:maxHeight="10dp"
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Strange that the code didn't do that for me when I wrote it. What android version are you testing on?

For one reason or another, I've found that often only specifying maxWidth/maxHeight doesn't behave as you would expect, and I also have to specify minWidth/minHeight to effectively control image size. I had to do exactly that in a follow-up development tutorial to the post you reference.

Give something like this a try:

 android:paddingRight="12dip" />
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I actually solved it resizing the image by code. Like is done here – Dayerman Jun 30 '11 at 15:09

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