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I am looking for a way to automatically insert column names in TOAD for Oracle to make it easier for writing queries.

Ideally, I would like to type something like the following:

select * from myTable;

Then, when I right-click on *, I would have the option to insert all known column names for that table.

I am not sure if something like that exists as I have described it, but anything close will help.

I know that you can extract the query from the "View Query" menu item after you select a table in the Schema Browser, but I'd like to know if there was a quicker way.

Also, I know that you can type:

select d.(SOMETHING) from myTable d;

Then it will pop-up (albeit after a while) a list of columns, but this doesn't allow me to insert all column names.

Please don't tell me to use * either :) I need to write multiple queries where I need only certain column names and would like to not have to type them out every single time.


Jeffrey Kevin Pry

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Here is how I do it, press F4 on that table and in the columns tab, select all columns. Then drag the selection -do not copy&paste- into the editor, and you have your comma seperated column names.

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AWESOME! This works perfectly! Pretty much exactly what I wanted.... Thanks! –  Jeffrey Kevin Pry Jun 30 '11 at 14:17

It is also possible to generate the statement from the schema browser-> columns tab

Select the columns you want, then right click and select the 'generate statement' menu item,then select the command you want to generate (Select/Insert/Delete).

The script then gets copied to clipboard, for you to paste at your leisure.

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select column_name || ','
from all_tab_columns
where table_name = 'SOME_TABLE'
and owner = 'SOME_OWNER'
order by column_id;

The right click on output of field names in data grid and select Export Data (to clipboard as tab delimited, don't include quoting or column headers).

Now copy/paste where u need it. Nice thing is that you can:

  1. Use this SQL in any IDE, not just Toad
  2. Modify output if needed, as I do in triggers to add ':old' or ':new' prefixes to each field for example, or change order.
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