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I have a requirement in a jsp web app, where a URL is taken as input from end user. This URL comprises of a fixed value (a list of possible url values from database that can't be changed by end user) and a suffix (for url) that can be input by end user.

I want this fixed + suffix value to be populated into a text box in a form on same web page. How do I do this? Also I want to ensure that the text box in which the final value is populated, is non editable.

Can the above be done using an HTML form? I would appreciate it if you could provide a code sample.

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is this any how related with this: stackoverflow.com/questions/6534149/… ? –  Harry Joy Jun 30 '11 at 12:59
oops thats my mistake... i posted the same query twice :( –  Arvind Jul 1 '11 at 9:52

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     function populateTxtFiled(){
      var url = document.getElementById('url');
      document.getElementById('websiteUrl').value = "htttp://www."+url.value;
      document.getElementById('websiteUrl').disabled =true;



Select Website: 
<select id="url" onchange="populateTxtFiled()">
    <option value="0">select website url</option>
    <option value="google.com">google</option>
    <option value="yahoo.com">yahoo</option>
    <option value="youtube.com">youtube</option>
<br />
<br />
Website Url<input  id="websiteUrl" type="text" name="websitUrl"/>

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